About Us

At PsychAssist we aim to increase mental health knowledge and an organisation's preventative capabilities to help promote a positive mental health & wellness culture in the community and workplace.

We specialize in providing mental health & wellbeing training programs for organisations and the general public.  Our programs are designed to be interactive, are evidence based and can be tailored to suit your business needs and workplace culture.  

Our focus is on building confidence in managing mental health issues and developing resilience & wellbeing.  Research suggests that by having happier and healthier employees,  productivity is shown to increase and employees become more resilient and mindful, improving the lives of the people who work with them.

Our trainers bring with them a wealth of knowledge having career's spanning over 25 years.  They have seen and experienced the impact that mental illness can have on an individual, and on an organisation as a whole.  Facilitating and sharing knowledge with diverse groups of people enables them to create an effective and enjoyable learning environment, which is their passion.  

Receptive, innovative and flexible trainers, delivering engaging mental health education in both the private and public sectors.  In addition, we offer training and consultancy packages to suit the individual needs of Professional development, Workplace training and schools.

What makes us unique?

Unlike other organisations our work with you doesn't stop when we leave, we believe that ongoing support is crucial in providing guidance and assistance in implementing Mental Health and Wellness programs within your organisation. We help design your workplace for good mental health that involves ongoing support and education for your staff!

Statistics: https://www.safeworkaustralia.gov.au/system/files/documents/1901/mental-health-infographic-v2.pdf